The quality of our products and services must meet the expectations of our customers throughout the world.

The Purchasing Department ensures supplier quality by adopting a rigorous management system in line with the Group’s strategic challenges.

This managament of the quality of external supplies is an integral part of the Supplier Quality Assurance process and is part of the Group’s general quality policy.

Michelin works closely with its suppliers to support them and continuously improve their services and, in the event of shortcomings, their ability to react.

Responsible for supplier relationship management, the Purchasing Department ensures that the Group’s suppliers are fully versed in all quality methods, processes and tools and that suppliers integrate these aspects into their processes.

The Group’s Purchasing Department objectively measures and analyzes its suppliers’ quality results and identifies any major risks.

We count on our suppliers’ unfailing commitment to quality to meet our customers’ expectations of the Group and its brands.

Several reference documents govern relationships with our suppliers and formalize our expectations in terms of quality, ethics and confidentiality.

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