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The iso 20400 standard

Published in 2017, it provides organizations, regardless of size or type of business, with guidelines for integrating corporate social responsability into their purchasing processes. It is intended for use by stakeholders involved in or impacted by purchasing decisions and processes. As a recommendatory standard, it does not involve certifications, but only maturity assessments(e.g. beginner, commited, confirmed, etc.).

The “Relations Fournisseur Responsables” label

In October 2012, Michelin signed the Relations Fournisseur Responsables (Responsible Supplier Relations) Charter, becoming a true partner to the Médiation inter-entreprises (Inter-Company Mediator) in France. Our signature of this charter is an extension of the publication of the Michelin Purchasing Principles that set the foundation for relations between the Michelin Group, our Purchasing staff, and our suppliers around the world.

In March 2014, the Michelin Group obtained the “Relations Fournisseur Responsables” label awarded by the Médiation Inter-Entreprises (MIE – Inter-Company Mediator), the Médiation des Marchés Publics (MMP – Public Procurement Mediator) and the Compagnie des Dirigeants et Acheteurs de France (CDAF – Association of Purchasing Managers). This label honors French companies that have signed the “Responsible Supplier Relations Charter” and have demonstrated long-lasting and balanced relationships with their suppliers. Michelin is the only French company that has received the label on a worldwide basis.

Contribution to the ISO 20400 standard for Sustainable Procurement

As part of the French delegation to the ISO technical committee, alongside the French Ministry of Economy and Finance’s Médiation des Entreprises (an ombudsperson for the business sector), Michelin contributed to the development of the Sustainable Procurement standard ISO 20400, which was published in April 2017.

ISO 20400 is a global operational framework designed to encourage companies to incorporate sustainable development into their continuous improvement processes. It provides guidelines to help purchasing departments adopt more sustainable procurement practices.

This standard provides a shared frame of reference combining social responsibility with sustainable procurement.

The Gold Trophy in the CSR Purchasing Decisions category

was awarded to purchasing staff on February 23, 2017 for their sustainable procurement work. This award honored the company’s exemplary commitment to sustainable procurement and the initiative of the purchasing staff.

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