Reasons to work with Michelin

The Michelin group, whose annual purchases represent nearly 60% of net sales, believes its suppliers are key partners in its success.

As a tribute to its commitment to successful and sustainable collaboration, in 2017, Michelin received:

  • Best supplier CSR Performance improvement Award, by Ecovadis, a French CSR rating company.
  • A “Decision Achats” award, CSR category, for our sustainable Purchasing dynamic.


In its quest to improve mobility, Michelin combines performance and responsibility when it comes to implementing its strategy and achieving its objectives. It operates according to its values while remaining faithful to its roots. To us, responsibility means applying in our daily life Michelin’s same five core values which  govern our relationship with our suppliers:

  • respect for customers
  • respect for people
  • respect for shareholders
  • respect for the environment
  • respect for the facts


Michelin and its suppliers are committed to making progress together while respecting people and the environment.

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