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Dear Supplier, We are all experiencing an unprecedented health crisis. What has become a pandemic is affecting all continents, all regions and all populations. Michelin’s priority has been and continues to be the health and safety of employees, business partners and the population generally. Though we have taken a number of precautions to maintain business activities since the outbreak of the virus, given the rapid and wide spread of coronavirus, Michelin is further forced to temporarily stop or reduce certain industrial activities. In addition, some other business premises are closed to any non-essential Michelin employees while activities are still on. Michelin expects the stoppage and/or reduction of industrial activities to last more than a few days, and the closure of business premises to remain as long as the situation requires it. Michelin teams will continue to monitor this evolving situation, will keep suppliers informed whenever appropriate. Michelin will work diligently to resume operations as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. However, during this period of reduced operations, Michelin is unable to receive visitors to many facilities and may have to adapt its orders. Meanwhile, certain other suppliers remain more than ever requested to ensure continuity of the services to Michelin, (including but not limited to: industrial services, telecommunication, outsourced business services and/or IT services etc…) while taking care of their personnel health and safety. Michelin recognizes that these are difficult times for everyone. We have to assess together how to adapt to this complex and evolving context, to the extent it impacts our mutual commitments. Cooperation and good faith among stakeholders are key to best address the situation in a responsible way.

Senior Vice President
Chief Procurement Officer
Hélène PAUL

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