Evaluating suppliers

Evaluating the CSR performance of suppliers

The Michelin Group regularly monitors the suppliers we work with through performance evaluations, which include CSR. Assessing our main suppliers in terms of sustainable development is part of our responsible and sustainable purchasing policy.

Our goal for 2020 is to assess the sustainable development performance of our suppliers and provide assistance so that 70% of them are confirmed as compliant with our standards.

Since 2012, Michelin has been assessing the CSR performance of our suppliers using the EcoVadis platform. his assessment can be triggered after a risk analysis, during the course of a contract, or prior to a new contract signature or renewal.

Deployment of the supplier CSR assessments

Coverage of procurement spend

By purchase category
> 60% of Group procurement
> 85% of natural rubber procurement
> 90% of other raw materials procurement


2020 Results

In 2020, of the 916 targeted suppliers, 828 successfully submitted a review. This corresponded to a 90% response rate. Based on their overall score, 84% of respondents, or 697 suppliers, were confirmed as compliant with Group standards.

Along with the deployed corrective actions, the careful attention paid to the assessments by both the Group’s purchasing teams and its suppliers is helping to drive steady progress.

By year-end 2020, for example, 417, or 62%, of the 671 assessed suppliers had improved and 135, or 20%, had maintained the same score. Lastly, of the 172 suppliers who had scored below expectations in the previous assessment, 100, or 58%, had delivered the expected performance.

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